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Beyond the programme

A wide range of events to
stimulate and broaden
students' outlook.



Our additional programmes and activities inlude cultural visits, international shows, special theme conferences, drama productions, national evenings, classical music concerts, a march for peace, a project week, presentations on international affars.

Project Weeks

In addition to community service projects that take place on a weekly basis in the local community, UWC also encourages project weeks, where students are able to take part in a more ‘in depth’ project, whether at a local, national or international level.

Take a look at the Project Weeks 2010


International Affairs

International affairs (INA) Programme  at the United World College of the Adriatic is designed to offer students and staff an insight into current issues from around the world and to make them reflect on the challenges of our time.
The INA Programme involves a bi-weekly speaker series, encompassing academics and international organization professionals, poets, writers and journalists, politicians, diplomats, NGO workers and scientists. Speakers present a topic to the students and staff. The presentation is generally followed by a very interactive Question & Answer session. Read more

Special theme conferences

Conferences on a particular theme are scheduled for an entire school day. Guest speakers give lectures, and workshops with small groups of students are organized for further discussion. Recent themes have been: World Religions, Science, Conflict Resolution, The Middle East Conflict.


 National evenings

In the course of the academic year, groups of students belonging to a common linguistic area such as the Balkans, Asia, Latin America/Spain etc. introduce the other College students to their traditions during the Native Speakers Week. They cook national specialities, wear traditional costumes, illustrate special features of their countries and sponsor other cultural initiatives.

Drama productions


Usually one drama production is performed during the year. A group of students with the supervision of a member of the teaching staff, choose a play which is then performed in public. Students take care of all aspects of the production including direction, costumes, scenery and make up.






March for peace/ Walkathon


Every year students organise events to promote ideals of peace and understanding in the surrounding area.  They often organise or  participate in Marches for Peace run in collaboration with local schools and with the local community, and run workshops on Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Classical music concerts


Music scholars periodically perform for the public, both inside and outside the College in chamber music ensembles.





Focus: presentations on international affairs

Each Sunday evening, a student makes a presentation on current events/international affairs which usually concern a topic related to his home country. For example: U.S. Elections, Migration, The Condor Plan in South America, Missing persons in Belarus.

Cultural Visits

The College encourages students to fully benefit from exposure to the cultural riches of Italy. The area offers remarkable opportunities for cultural education, and the World Cultures department organises for students a programme of cultural visits to such artistic centres as Venice, Bologna, Aquileia, Rome and Padova.
In addition, students are encouraged to attend music recitals, to visit museums and to develop their interests through the many opportunities provided in this culturally and linguistically diverse region.

International shows


Several times during the school year, College students present a show in public which consists of traditional dances, sketches and music. Any donations are given to a charitable causes  sponsored by the Adriatic College.


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